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So, I can’t post from my iPhone to my SnapShots gallery yet but here is another one for my things that annoy me files.

On my way to catch the bus I witnessed this little yellow dog zig-zaging the yards sqatting and leaving gifts on every yard on the street.

How long must this go on? I think that in a city only lap house dogs should be allowed, or that any animal allowed to run loose be youthenized.

Sure you animal lovers might think this is too strict. However, the punishments for failing to comply with a law needs to be strict enough for people to not want to break the law. I beleve that losing your loved pet would be the only way to keep it on a leash and not leaving presents on my yard.

News & Politics, Rants and Raves

Today I am going to post another gripe post. This week’s victim is CTV Atlantic late night news, last night I sat down to hear what was happening. There was 13 stories from Nova Scotia, 1 from PEI, 3 from NB and 3 from elsewhere. Like WTF! To make it even worse of the 3 stories they were flood relief from the northwest New Brunswick, a boil order from Oromocto, and an algae ploom in Moncton.

It is like nobody cares about what is happening in New Brunswick, but to add insult with the lack of caring by dumping on us by adding an algae story to boost your NB news content.

News & Politics, Rants and Raves

With the recent water bans an the lack of news coverage in the wee hours of the evening I was pondering if there was a better way for the City of Saint John to post urgent notices. And I had thought of using the technology of today, and an approach of making it easier to opt-in to these methods.

Part 1: Electronic Internet

Provide an RSS feed with no longer than a text message sized message detailing the urgent message. This would allow people the opportunity to place a box on the most common web portals that 60% of people use as home pages.

Secondly allow people to register their e-mail addresses to an urgent message list. This would allow people to get it by e-mail or text message as people can put in or and have it sent to your cell (great for parking bans.)

Step 2: Phone

Have an Advisory line like the parking one and have a cheep automated text to voice system to read the RSS feed messages.

Rants and Raves

Why do the cell phone companies make it so hard on you to find a phone that suits “you.” I have been on the hunt now for the predecessor to my Nokia 6620 that is now cloning in on a four-year old design of a phone. I wasn’t even lucky enough to have a battery covered by the recall since that is the main issue I am having with it.

My phone runs off of the S60 second generation Symbian OS, and I really like it, now if I could just find a GSM phone with the 3rd Gen. But nobody seems to offer the thing, sure some people play music on their phones but I have an iPod Nano so that is not really important to me, neither is cell phone gaming, but I like the option to install whatever programs I want as the Symbian OS has loads of programming that in most cases is higher quality than a lot of what you can get from the Java that most phones offer.

I also like that GSM is more secure as it never goes back to analog mode, and the ability to move my contacts from phone to phone easily on the SIM card, and the global nature of the GSM technology. So CDMA/1X-EVDO is not really an option.

Anyways that is my rant. I really like the Blackberry Pearl but a $35 data plan for 4MB is crazy.

Rants and Raves

You would think that it calling Rogers and talking to the voice automation is bad. Then you have never had the pleasure of meeting, Melanie, the inbred country cousin that guards the pay-as-you-go phone line. This computer does not even recognize the common commands that you can use with other auto-gatekeepers. And what is worse is that every Rogers call centre rat is trained to sick Melanie on you.

Why can Rogers use the same system as every other service for Pay-as-you-go. At least that person has half a brain to understand what you want, and not listing everything.

Rants and Raves

I just saw the Movie “Scary Movie 4? tonight and as the wiped emerges from the depths of the ground as in parody to War of the Worlds. There is a tune that plays first that I thought sounded like “I’ma I’ma I’ma I’ma I’ma Chameleon” which I tried for ever to find and then I found a cool website Am I Right ( that had that expression in a different song but I found it in the 80’s Section the song was really Culture Club’s, “Karma Chameleon”

Then I took the unfortunate decision to try their other songs. What were they thinking like the mid to latter 80’s was not that bad but the early 80’s Ahhh! It is almost as bad as Disco, It sort of sounds in between Disco and the stuff of the later 80’s but anyways not my cup of tea.

I took lots of pics today while I was taking a stroll uptown they are in my Gallery section of this site.

Rants and Raves

As the year winds down I would like to thank you for reading my site there has been many changes for me over the past year. Not to mention this site moving 4 TIMES!!! since this time last year. Hopefully this will remain my home for years. It is paid for till November 2004 anyways. Enjoy your December 25th it only comes once a year!