Back in June I was in a position that I was struggling with motivation to do anything. There was constant nervousness about falling and not able to get up on my own and I was doing very little. After talking with my doctor, based on on-line research, I read that it was a common side-effect … Continue reading "Anti-Anxiety"

Starting the Getaway

The second day of the trip started on a beautiful sunny day. Everyone was talking about how cold it was from a cold front and it was still shorts weather for me. I woke up at 7 and went down stairs for coffee in the lobby and a Guava Cheese Danish that was to die … Continue reading "Starting the Getaway"

“Full Out” Review

To say that I would never watch a gymnastics movie, while that. Is simply not true. I loved the movie “Stick It” and must have seen that movie dozens of times. The movie I just seen was “Full Out”. This is based off the true story of Ariana Berlin. Early on in the movie she … Continue reading "“Full Out” Review"

Mobile Ordering

Today I visited the local coffee shop in the mall. The line was very long and the people started to appear frustrated or tired, but there was the pot of gold at the end of the line to make it all worthwhile. Correction, it was coffee, not gold but in the eyes of the patrons … Continue reading "Mobile Ordering"