Journal Entry Oct 7, 2002

Some of the cafeteria food at the Forrest Hill Cafeteria is tasteless. Today there was the corn, I love corn, but this corn was like chewing newspaper (after everyone has read the intellectual articles). And the chicken was really good except for the fact that they had some awful coating on it.

Journal Entry Oct 6, 2002

The leaves are starting to look much different in colour. Sometimes I wish that I had more time to go out and enjoy their beauty, rather than just looking at them from my dorm room window.

Journal Entry Oct 5, 2002

Hypnosis is a fascinating ability. Tonight I went to see “Dream with Dean” the show was amazing. I have also read that hypnosis is also very therapeutic for things like stopping smoking and losing weight.

Journal Entry Oct 4, 2002

Once again, Wal-Mart has made my life more difficult. Time after time I promise not to go back there but I do because I am really cheap. This time I was trying to get a roll of film developed and then after the hour they told me they did not have a chance to get to it. Then … Continue reading "Journal Entry Oct 4, 2002"

Journal Entry Sept 19, 2002

There is a sticky spot on the floor in front of my door. I have no idea how it got there nor do I care. It probably will be gone as soon as Aramark gets around to cleaning it in the morning.