Journal Entry Nov 18, 2002

This was my first day reading the news on CHSR at noon. I made a whole bunch of mistakes. My biggest problem is that I don’t talk very clear.

Journal Entry Nov 12, 2002

Trying to make sense out of studies on the topic of the Economic Effects of Drunk Driving is starting to make my head spin as I try to make sence of the formulas that some economist must have thought up as he had nothing better to do. One of these formulas are to determine the effectiveness of regulations … Continue reading "Journal Entry Nov 12, 2002"

Journal Entry Nov 10, 2002

This past Thursday I was elected News Director of CHSR. This is kind of shock since I have no idea on how to run a news department.

Journal Entry Nov 9, 2002

The Saint John Kiwanis Club held their TV Auction today. The highlight of the auction was the visit by the local Member of Parliament Elsie Wayne. She auctioned off a Christmas Frame and a Decorative Snowman.