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I love the news and sometimes I write it or about it. Who would have a blog and run for Mayor without writing about topics in the realm of political issues. These posts fit that niche.

It’s the most wonderful season of the year…

Election Season! In under 2 months, every municipal, education, and health council in this province will be new. But this is my favourite part is waiting for everyone to announce and I need to pick the people who I will

Council’s Last Chance at Transit

It is now 7pm in the council chambers and the councillors are now arriving. As council begins there is 44 people here. The meeting has now begun the councillor are doing their opening thanks to different community groups. Joe Mott

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A Memorable Mass Transit Story

Remember that one time on the bus, when…? Share your mass transit stories. One of my best memories on the bus was on an East bus headed to the mall on March 25th, 2004. I happened to run into my

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“Immoral but not Illegal”

Apparently my site traffic has dropped a fair bit in the last few months. This past week has been one of the craziest news weeks that I can remember in quite some time. Four elections, a new premier, a shady

This is crazy, Unions need to go.

This morning I heard the following story on the radio and was practically outraged by what I was hearing. Basically, the Government of Saskatchewan is offering a reasonable 6% pay increase to all the teachers, but the lousy blood-sucking unions

Maybe I was Wrong

For the better part of my life I always considered nuclear power to be incredibly clean and efficient way to produce a lot of power. With the recent earthquake to hit Japan and Fukushima, perhaps it is now time to

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The Times They Are A Changin’

A few year’s back I got reconnected to a classic piece of music; Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A Changin’”. Back then was in March 2005. I was a young political supporter taking by first trip by train to

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CBC News – NB – Review Anglo Society flag motion: language chief

CBC News – New Brunswick – Review Anglo Society flag motion: language chief. This has to be one of the most overhyped stories of the month. It would be common practice for the City of Bathurst to fly this flag. I firmly

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Does council not care about protocol

This week I went to council to see the debate and decision on Peel Plaza/North of Union project. That particular topic is so revolting in so many ways that it needs not mention here. But what is even more inexcusable

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Saint John 225, but how?

Once again the City of Saint John is celebrating and making an attempt and rekindling of the community in Saint John. The big problem is that Saint John is in a place that makes it next to impossible to revive