I knew this would happen.

I decided to sit and watch the new council, and once again I am truly appalled how the new council is directing itself back into the dark ages. If any group of people could burst Saint John’s economic bubble it would be this group. Item 10.2 was the request to start the progress by approving … Continue reading "I knew this would happen."

Again, RTFM

I just was pumped and bought a 2GB stick of RAM, pulled open the the MacBook. Placed the RAM in and what happend as I turned it on… Nothing… Now that I read online about this there are many cases where this is caused by not putting the RAM in far enough. But then I … Continue reading "Again, RTFM"

Back again :-(

I just returned from Toronto. This time i went up with Tony, and it was a good trip. The best part of it was playing with my new camera. If you haven’t seen it yet the link is http://pics.cefm.ca/v/toronto2008/┬áto my gallery. I was having interesting situations where I had not read the manual enough in … Continue reading "Back again :-("

Third Election Update

So, at this point I can’t be persuaded on a candidate because I already voted. I do believe in open transparency in politics, and since lynch mobs are so 1800’s I’m going to revile my votes. Mayor of Saint John: Michael Richardson At-Large: Danny Jardine and Chris Titus Ward 4: Kevin Goggan and Ralph Landers