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I love the news and sometimes I write it or about it. Who would have a blog and run for Mayor without writing about topics in the realm of political issues. These posts fit that niche.

An Election is in the Air

As the fall approaches, it is time for another round of provincial elections. The province is in a tough but still hopeful situation, people throwing around money and making promises that will make them look popular and ruthlessly attacking their

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Please Don’t End Me

Today, I was Googling myself to see what others were writing about me and one of the first things I read was the following tweet. Canada's important role to help end #CEFM. Please keep priority strong 2016 & beyond @HonStephaneDion

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Fundy Fringe Festival Memory

This year I had the privilege of volunteering at the Fundy Fringe Festival for mine and its second year. I only managed to see 9 of the 15 performances, but was very impressed with the variety and quality of the performances.

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The End of “here”

I have seen that the weekly local newspaper here magazine is now no more. Here is my little story of that zine. We go back to March of 2004 the one and only time that I had visited the office

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2014 Academy Award Predictions

Best Picture (Predicted) Prediction and Winner: 12 Years a Slave Best Actor in a Leading Role (Miss) Prediction: Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) Winner: Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) Best Actress in a Leading Role (Miss) Prediction: Judi Dench

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PPP Water

I went to a public town hall tonight that was very interesting. It very well compared the argument for not going down a public private partnership. Though it was very lacking in facts of how a 3P could be beneficial

Hands-on with Nokia’s PureView 808: “You shot that with a PHONE?!”

I was reading this article about Nokia’s newest phone that has an amazing camera. Beyond that the thing that caught me first was that it was running Symbian OS. Despite being on an iOS device for the last 4 years

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The Royal Visit

Preventing Service Cuts, not a priority!

This seems to be a big promise by a lot of candidates this election. Let’s face the facts in the past 10 years this city’s spending has ballooned from about 90 million to 135 million. It is time to reconsider

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Saint John Road Conditions

We have all heard or experience the pot hole haven stories about this city. But, do the numbers support the claims that Saint John is too big for its population to support its roads properly. In fact Saint John has

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