2008 Saint John Santa Claus Parade

Update: The show was cancelled due to the weather. Night-Rain-Fog-TV Cameras don’t mix well.

Believe it or not, the Santa Claus Parade is one my my favourite shows to work on each year. I also like seeing what is new each year and really enjoy coming home later to actually watch it. As a bonus for my readers, I have the float list for this year’s parade.

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Taking Perfect Long-Exposure Pics

Today is Election Day. Sure I could write about the election but, instead, I’m going to write a self-help post about one of my favourite hobbies, photography.

The first tip to long exposure shots is to use a tripod. What is the fun in that? Knowing that your shot will be perfect first time, every time.

That leads to tip 2, lean on something. It is almost given that this will work best most of the time. Tip 3 is to hold your arms close to your body. They are the main tips that most people who teach photography will say but I have a few of my own that work better in a digital world.

Tip 4 is to use the delay timer set to like 2 seconds. I find the movement of pressing the button has ruined many photos. Tip 5 works off of the same idea. Use the multiple photo mode. You are likely to get one of many right.

The next tip is to use the LCD screen. There is no way you can hold it still enough up to your face. If all else fails then my last tip is to fake it in PhotoShop.


Setting the economy up for Failure

Amongst the news of the bailouts to the economy in the United States, the Bank of Canada snuck in an additional bailout of the economy. That is resulting in the devaluation of the Canadian Dollar along with the US dollar.

In the federal Leaders’ English debates this past week Green Party leader Elizabeth May said that the Canadian Dollar should be worth $0.80 US to stimulate our economy and as that makes sense from a manufacturing jobs standpoint of does not in the big picture.

We can choose to not elect May. However, we have no say as to the Bank of Canada officials. There is a reason why the EU is banning the four largest EU states from this plan. It only allows more money to be borrowed and spent, money that can not be afforded to be paid back.

It is true there is an overvaluation of real estate prices in Canada but when you borrow $750,000 for a house that drops when the bubble bursts to $225,000 and you have over $600,000 left to pay it makes more sense to default and buy a different house. This is what will happen in the next 5-10 years and there will be no amount of bail-out money that can save you then.

This free money is what I causing the prices of everything to go up if you add more money to the economy this will happen. There is not the option at this point either to add a sales tax to control the inflation like former PM Brian Mulroney did in the 1980s since all that is keeping the economy afloat is the unnaturally high rate of spending that has to increase at a faster rate than the rate of inflation bit can’t ever stop, or we will be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In closing, we refer back to the old saying that money does not grow on trees.


SJ Port Fireworks & Queen Mary 2

Tonight I went to the Harbour Passage and watched the fireworks presentation paid for and put on by the Saint John Port Authority. It lasted for around 15 minutes. For Saint John, the fireworks were average and, delayed a day from when planned.

I decided to post the best few here now but I took nearly 60 and will post them in my SnapShots gallery once I get home. I only had my iPhone so the pics are not the best for at night.

The ship in the port was Canard Line’s Queen Mary 2. It is a really big vessel for the port. I’m not certain I have ever seen a ship quite as large.


Democracy 250 1758-2008… But why only Nova Scotia?

Many people in the Maritimes are being flooded with the Democracy 250 events in Nova Scotia. It is great to see that province get together to recognize the importance of colonial democracy. The legendary ideals of the planner of Halifax Mosses Harris, and Governor Edward Cornwallis, is a legacy that all of the Maritimes can be very proud of. I haven’t been able to track the exact date of when St. John Island (current-day Prince Edward Island) split from the Nova Scotia colony, but I believe it was 1759 according to Wikipedia. Also, the colony of New Brunswick was not split off until 1783.

So, therefore, I see these as a uniting celebration that we can all be very proud of. However, the fact that this celebration is not being openly acknowledged by the leaders of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are truly disheartening. But then again this is New Brunswick, and what else can we expect.

But none the less I wish that I could make the 18th Century Period Costume Ball but that does not look very likely at the moment. Long Live Democracy. Also, prove you care and vote on October 14th democracy only works when people care.

This was written prior to the controversy on the history of Edward Cornwallis.


Loose dogs, leaving gifts.

So, I can’t post from my iPhone to my SnapShots gallery yet but here is another one for my things that annoy me files.

On my way to catch the bus, I witnessed this little yellow dog zig-zagging the yards squatting and leaving gifts on every yard on the street.

How long must this go on? I think that in a city only lap house dogs should be allowed, or that any animal allowed to run loose be euthanized.

Sure you animal lovers might think this is too strict. However, the punishments for failing to comply with a law that needs to be strict enough for people to not want to break the law. I believe that losing your loved pet would be the only way to keep it on a leash and not leaving presents in my yard.


Election season again, count me out!

So once again we are in the pending situation for an election in October, the question to ask is why?

The governing conservatives haven’t even had a chance for their national meeting in November to develop a new policy document to drive the platform from. So they will be forced by the party to develop a new platform off of an old and aged policy.

Or perhaps, Stephen Haper is afraid of facing the music of a new policy, and National Council and also interferes with the election this fall of the hunt for a new leader for the NB PC party.