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This is a listing of Events that I plan on attending or wish to promote.

Ah! Montreal

After twelve and a half long hours on a bus I have arrived in Montreal for WordCamp Montreal. This is my 5th WordCamp which I will do a post about sometime later. I took a walk earlier today and walked

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Lack of Comments

I have been trying to post a lot more lately. But one thing that greatly concerns me us the lack of good comments lately. Practically everything on this site is open to commenting even the photos and the albums. What’s

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Saint John Tweetup

Last night I got to meet some really cool people at the first Saint John Tweetup. This hat to be one of the most geekiest event I have been to in the Saint John area. Well as a qualifier the

WordCamp Victoria 2009

Tris Hussy Presentation

The first session I am attending is Jodie Gastel talking about installing WordPress. She is cheating a little bit using cPanel Fantastico. Which is good for beginners, although the regular way is not too much harder. Next I went to

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Arriving to Victoria BC

At long last I have finally arrived in Victoria. Five hours on a plane is really long much longer that I had really imagined. During the longest lag of the journey I got to see “My Sister’s Keeper” for the

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WordCamp Montreal and Other Things Montréal

Getting here to Montreal, I had decided to get the bus. (Orleans Express/Acadian Lines) Thus it presents this opportunity to write this long detailed encounter as I have the remainder of the 13 hour bus trip to finish. After arriving

WordCamp Toronto

I just arrived at Wordcamp Toronto. So far the trip here to Toronto has been very eventful. Starting with Air Canada cancelling my flight from Saint John to Halifax and I will post more later.

Saint John NB Set For Major Midget Atlantics

For Immediate Release April 1st, 2009 Saint John NB Set For Major Midget Atlantics Saint John, NB- The Tournament committee and host team Saint John Vito’s would like to welcome the participants in this year’s 2009 Atlantic Major Midget Regional

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2008 Saint John Santa Claus Parade

Update: The show was cancelled due to the weather. Night-Rain-Fog-TV Cameras don’t mix well. Believe it or not the Santa Claus Parade is one my my favourite shows to work on each year. I also like seeing whatg is new

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Democracy 250 1758-2008… But why only Nova Scotia?

Many people in the Maritimes are being flooded with the Democracy 250 events in Nova Scotia. It is great to see that province get together to recognize the importance of colonial democracy. The legendary ideals the planner of Halifax Mosses