Covered Bridges 2020

This feed is documenting all the Covered Bridges of New Brunswick. During the summer of 2020 I took several trips and photographed each one.

  • Canal Covered Bridge

    Canal Covered Bridge

    Canal Covered Bridge – Built 1917

    Canal Covered Bridge, built in 1917 is 37.6 metres long. This bridge sits on a very quiet stretch of road with a very picturesque view from all around it. It is very close to St. George.

    View of River
    Bridge from a trail near the river.

  • Maxwell Crossing Covered Bridge

    Maxwell Crossing Covered Bridge

    Maxwell Crossing Covered Bridge - Built 1910
    Maxwell Crossing Covered Bridge – Built 1910

    Dennis Stream #3, built in 1910 is 18.3 metres long. This bridge is right next to a railroad intersection, just outside Saint Stephen.

    View of the calm stream.
    View of the calm stream.
    Interior of bridge.
    Interior of bridge.

  • Flume Ridge Covered Bridge

    Flume Ridge Covered Bridge

    Flume Ridge Covered Bridge – Built 1905

    Magaguadavic River #7, built in 1905 is 18.3 metres long. This bridge is very easy to get to even though it is in a very remote area. It is down in a little valley and the river is an incredible view.

    Interior of bridge.
    View of the river.

  • Benton Covered Bridge

    Benton Covered Bridge

    Benton Bridge – Built 1927

    Eel River #3 from 1927 is 31.9 metres long. This bridge has a park next to it and the Eel River at this bridge is simply amazing. Not too far off the Trans-Canada, it is in a beautiful community undisturbed by the modern fast-paced way of life.

    Interior of Bridge
    Eel River just after sunset.

  • Hartland Covered Bridge

    Hartland Covered Bridge

    Hartland Covered Bridge – Built 1901

    Hartland Covered Bridge, the longest covered bridge in the world at 391 metres long. It was built in 1901 but not covered until 1921. Which as in most bridges that I have seen so far are a wooden truss bridge and then look to have an attached independent shell to protect from weather or rot.

    Despite its fame for being very big, it is also the most tackey of every bridge in New Brunswick, from the big sign, string lights at the entrance, and the food truck lot next to the bridge, this made me urn for the other bridges I have seen across New Brunswick.

    Interior Trusses
    The parking area view from the information centre

  • Florenceville Covered Bridge

    Florenceville Covered Bridge

    Florenceville Bridge – Built 1907

    Florenceville Bridge, built at 16.9 metres long in 1907 is a partial cover bridge span. It is the cutest covered bridge crossing the Saint John River. It sits on a well-developed waterfront boardwalk that even trumps the water access in the bigger downstream cities of Fredericton and Saint John.

    Being located across the street from the McCain Foods headquarters there is a bench great for photos of the bridge at sunset with a carved potato. McCain Foods makes 90% of all french fries worldwide.

    Picture with potato guy.

  • Ellis Covered Bridge

    Ellis Covered Bridge

    Ellis Covered Bridge – Built 1909

    North Becaguimec River #4 was built in 1909 and is 18.3 metres long. This bridge is on a bit of a side road that is good until the bridge. The river at this point looks like an amazing fishing spot. This one is very easy to get to and very close to Hartland and Florenceville bridges.

    Interior of Bridge
    Bridge from the other side.

  • Nackawic Siding Covered Bridge

    Nackawic Siding Covered Bridge

    Nackawick Siding Bridge – Built 1927

    This bridge is the Nackawic River #5 bridge from 1927 and 18.3 metres long. This is one of the more remote bridges and the road to get to it is eroded about 1km from the bridge but was passible with guidance and rocks placed over the ditch from the North Side. Accessing this bridge from the south by car is better, but you cannot take a normal car across the bridge due to road conditions.

    There is a heat shack neat by for the NB Trail users and this area is beyond beautiful there is a trail that goes along the river to get a great view of this bridge

    Interior Truss
    Nackawic River from the Bridge

  • Budd Bridge

    Budd Bridge

    Budd Bridge – Built 1913

    This is the Cocagne River #5 Bridge. Built in 1913 it is 25.3 metres long.

    This bridge you must approach from the south. The north route is faster from the main road but as you turn on to this screen you are on the top of the ridge and get to see the most breathtaking view of the whole Cocagne River Valley and can see forever. Trust me just do it.

    Interior of Bridge
    The Cocagne River
    Looking South

  • Poirier Covered Bridge

    Poirier Covered Bridge

    Poirier Bridge – Built 1942

    Cocagne River #3 Bridge built in 1942 is 41 metres long. This bridge is near Moncton and is semi-remote to get to. The road to it is not the greatest and I stopped a short walk away and walked to the bridge. It is a calm and quiet area and the Cocagne River is cute but not fast-moving like the area around it.

    Selfie on the Bridge
    This bridge is unique in the crisscross sides.
    The Cocagne River downstream from the bridge.