It has been a while since I have done any writing and there was no real good reason other that I wasn’t myself on the pills.

The tale started shortly after I had gotten out of the hospital. I was really hoping on a more abridged and unrealistic timeline for my recovery. I was in the City Market when I got the initial call for the referral, I had an appointment for my EMG so I procrastinated starting.

Then as I got closer to the start of Physio the first roadblock came up. I was booked for the wrong type of physiotherapist. I needed a Neuro one. Then the one I had been rebooked to left. I received a call that perhaps St. Joseph’s hospital had a shorter list. Once again it was the wrong type at first, but that was resolved early.

As we started, she gave me a few exercises as we met a few times I week and I was starting to see results and was really happy. During these sessions, my mobility improved and I could start raising my right arm over my head again. In the middle of these sessions, I finally had my hand surgery and needed a few weeks to heal.

Once things resumed, my sessions not long after ended and I was given exercises to work on which I did for a while.

Around this time I also started taking the anti-anxiety pills and stopped wearing my orthotic. The aftermath of this actually helped me get more active and stronger as at first I was motivated to do more and not be limited by the pain of the AFO.

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