The following events are what I remember happening but I was on good drugs and were what my mind remembers happening only. I cannot tell what never actually happened.

After blacking in an out, there were periods where I was conscious an periods that I wasn’t. After the first night, I was put to sleep and rested well or as well as I could with the breathing machine. Initially I felt that I was kind of in control but the machine was not in time with what I was trying to breath. I learned that if I just gave in and stopped trying to breath I was getting more air.
I also remember being asked constantly if I was in pain. Moving my eyes was all I had to communicate. After trying so many times to get them to stop asking they just kept on and I was getting fed up and just gave in and always said yes. This is when an Indian doctor that looked like Kumar with big white teeth smile,came and he told me “Trust me I get you good stuff.”
Then I totally lost track of time and days and nights blurred together. The second night, I was moved to the dark basement and the nurse was in the other room. The repetition of the breathing machine was hypnotic and I began floating towards the door at the end of the hall when my eyes were closed and returned to the bed when my eyes were open. The bed kept moving under me as well.
Later on in the night I floated around and waited on the sun rising and was left out in the parking lot. The nurse that kept hurting me decided to clean me and I was stuffed in the back of the car. Then hosed down at the car wash. Then left around outside in a outdoor hardware store and they were trying to find me as I was sliding down the path looking for water. I was so hot and needed water.
I was eventually found and brought back to my hospital room.

One night I remember a nurse come in and it was early night. She had an American accent and I remember he saying “You like baseball buddy?” I don’t but she put it on anyways. It was the first time I see the TV working. The TV was left on constantly for the most part of the night, and I lost track of the game and blacked out, when I returned to reality, the SportsNet morning show was left on and it repeats over and over in a torturous fashion. The nurse kept telling my that my mother and sister called and that they were thinking of me. Which I knew as I heard them complaining on how demanding, and annoying they were trying to get information that they don’t have to give. They also talked strategies on how to avoid my mother.

There was a day that they started stretching me, and running some tests. I remember not doing well. Then as I was waiting for them to move my bed to it’s spot, one wheel fell over the edge of the construction area and the stretched was stuck sideways and I couldn’t hold on and was going to fall off. The nurse came to help and decided to change me instead of helping. I didn’t understand why he would do that, but then I came to reality and realized there was no staircase there.

There was this program manager doctor and her husband that was running the hospital and then things started going down hill from there. Although he never talked. He used this long tube things to control objects. They had a lake house and the lake was frozen that kept me from getting to water.

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