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Roger was having an average day. Roger was sitting at his office desk, pondering whether or not he was truly happy in his life. Roger was moderately financially well off, but was not really where he planned to be. Roger is a thirty year old accountant who has always followed the crowd his entire life. He has never led a crowd, or even showed any signs of initiative.

Roger was born in a mid-sized city in Atlantic Canada to two wonderful loving parents. His father was a well educated lawyer that was forced to study law by his father who was an extremely well loved politician who Roger has never met due to an unfortunate accident. While christening a navel battleship that was named in honour of him, he tripped, hit his head, and drowned. More amazingly, what the locals talked about was how the ship was since cursed as it sank as soon as it left the dock on its maiden voyage.

On the other hand Roger’s mother was a Travel Consultant whom was well regarded as she always seemed to know where her clients wanted to go, even before they did.

As many Canadians do Roger’s parents enjoyed snow birding to the American Florida coast. It was there when Roger was only three years old that he witnessed the event that would be the major event that would change his life forever.

On a beautiful sunny day while lying on the warm white sandy shores of a beach not far from Orlando his parents were surrounded by these men in uniforms and dragged kicking and screaming into a blue cube van and then the van drove away, while Roger watched helplessly from the water.

Subsequently, his parents had in their will that if anything should happen to them that custody of Roger should go to Aunt Charlotte. Aunt Charlotte was a very uncaring aunt, who felt that it was not proper to force a child to do anything. There for Roger grew up with out any sense of direction as to what to strive for in his life.

During his early years Roger was the child that was always last to be chosen for the team. That did not seem to bother Roger as he always found something to do or some where to explore on his own. One amazing thing about him was the he was never afraid to try something no matter how much how difficult it was.

Always striving that he always had delusions that he was destined for greatness, Roger imagined seemingly impossible feats that he would overcome. That was all a fantasy of what it was to be great.

After starting school the pressure of always being asked why don’t you have a mother and a father evoked great trauma upon Roger, who was just beginning to comprehend the magnitude of the events that unfolded that winter day in southern Florida?

Roger’s dilemma resulted in years of therapy to help Roger cope with his loss. Since, became often distracted from normal life, one of the early head doctors incorrectly diagnosed Roger with ADD. That doctor prescribed him Ritalin, to which Roger became very addicted for the remainder of his elementary school life.


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