Isn’t this a nice rainy day that we woke up to today. This morning like usual I went to Tim Horton’s and ordered a bagel. That is the pivotal moment of the day that is inspiring today’s rant.

Their toaster was broken! Now you may think that was what inspired this but you would be wrong she had apologised for it. I mean come on now unless you took the hammer to it and caused it to break you should not be apologizing, it only diminishes you credibility when it was your fault. Just tell me it is broken and ask if I still want the item don’t apologize for it, it’s not your fault.


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  1. Anonymous from Calga Avatar

    Pointless posts like this are why no one is commenting on your blog. This is a long winded rant that is better summarized in a Twitter post!

    It's simply proper etiquette in the food service industry to apologize when anything goes wrong, even if it's beyond their control.

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