Year: 2009

2009 with 300 Movies!

As we are wrapping up the year, I have seen a movie in the theatres 300 times. The record for this year for most is Star Trek x 6, Twilight: New Moon x 5, and The Reader x 4, and many 2 and 3 timers. Here is the list of 2009 releases that I have seen (I took a list of 2009 movies and filtered it, there are some missing that I added, but I forgot every movie:)

17 Again, 2012, Adventureland, All About Steve, Angels & Demons, AstroBoy, Bandslam, Blind Date, The Blind Side, Bride Wars, Capitalism: A Love Story, Confessions Of A Shopaholic, Couple’s Retreat, Dance Flick, Did You Hear About The Morgans?, Disney’s A Christmas Carol, Drag Me To Hell, Doubt, Duplicity, Earth, Everybody’s Fine, Extract, Fame, Fanboys, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Fast And Furious 4, Fired Up, The Fourth Kind, Funny People, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, Gigantic, The Goods, The Hangover, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Harry Potter And The Half, Blood Prince, The Haunting In Connecticut, He’s Just Not That Into You, Hotel For Dogs, Ice Age 3, I Hate Valentine’s Day, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, I Love You Beth Cooper, I Love You, Man, Imagine That, The Informant, Inglorious Bastards, The International, In The Loop, Invictus, It’s Complicated, Julie & Julia, Knowing, Last House On The Left, Trailor Park Boys 2: Countdown to Liquor Day, Love Happens, Love Hurts, Madea Goes To Jail, Mall Cop, Management, The Men Who Stare At Goats, My Bloody Valentine 3D, My Life In Ruins, My Sister’s Keeper, New In Town, New Moon, Night At The Museum 2, Nine, Obsessed, Observe And Report, The Pink Panther 2, Post Grad, The Proposal, Rachel Getting Married, The Soloist, Star Trek, State Of Play, The Reader, The Stone of Destiny, Sunshine Cleaning, The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3, The Ugly Truth, Up in the Air, The Vampire’s Assistant, Watchmen, Whip It, Year One, and Zombieland.

Despite this for 2010, I am going to attempt to cut my movies to only 100.

Comments are open, What do you think did I miss any good gems that I should see?

The New Moon where I hope they serve beer in Hell to the Forth Kind!

Yes once again the post with a really long esoteric name is a movie reviw post for the following 3 movies I have seen (at least once) over the past week.

Lets start with the biggest New Moon the continuation of the Twilight Saga. I never left a theatre before so wanting to read a book then with this most epic cliff hanger of an ending. The first movie introduces the love story, where the second explains the relationship between the native’s haterid towards the vampires and introduces the senero to be portrade in the final two incarnations, and then stop abruptly that the story is not complete, and disappointment that you must wait for the next one.

The next movie is “I hope they serve beer in hell” for such a long title this is one of the best comedies fo the year, based off a true story, up along the same genre as the Hangover. It crosses elements between Weading Crashers and The Hangover. This is most definately a must see.

The last movie is the Fourth Kind. This is a really bad movie a slight thriller based of a (possibly) true story about abductions across Alaska. It blew, not worth even renting.

WordCamp Victoria 2009

Tris Hussy Presentation
Tris Hussy Presentation
Tris Hussy Presentation

The first session I am attending is Jodie Gastel talking about installing WordPress. She is cheating a little bit using cPanel Fantastico. Which is good for beginners, although the regular way is not too much harder.

Next , I went to see Jeff Richards presentation on widgets. It was very interesting to see the basics of widgets and how they can be used to link people’s sites together. It somehow left off many of the cool and fun stuff that widgets can be used for.

Tris Hussey’s presentation on extra tools for WordPress users was absolutely amazing. I haven’t had a chance yet to download all these tools yet but I sure plan on trying them.

The last presentation I attended was Jeff Richards about widgets. He has posted his presentation on his personal blog at Widgets:Making Your Site Great and Letting Others Help. It was very informative on how widgets can be used to enhance a site or a marketing tool for others to put a link back to your site.

The best part of this WordCamp was the discussions in the breakout room about everything from Copyright, Creative Commons, WordPress MU, legal issues with hosting internationally, and many other topics.

In addition , the after party at The Office Lounge was very enlightening on every topic imaginable from a Victoria point of view.

Arriving to Victoria BC

At long last I have finally arrived in Victoria. Five hours on a plane is really long much longer that I had really imagined. During the longest lag of the journey I got to see “My Sister’s Keeper” for the first time. I found it to be really an enjoyable movie, in the respect that you did not know who to feel sad for. Then it throws a huge twist that make the plot even more intriguing.

Upon first impression of Victoria is that it has an appearance of a fairy tile that has come to life especially now that its the holidays and the lights of colour in and on everything.

View Victoria BC Night 1

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To sell or not to sell ‘tis the question…

Selling of electrical utilities is becoming of a common occurrence in the news this month. When the common opinion is to never sell anything one must take a look a the pros and cons of every situation. Like all situations it will prove to be devastating if careful consideration is not taken.

Part 1: NB Power to Hydro-Quebec

I really like this plan. Not only is it a short term win for New Brunswick it is good in the long term too. In the spirit of the 1920’s when NB Power was created to protect New Brunswick from the scheming of several private hydro utilities the were ripping off everybody in New Brunswick. It was to be decided then that a public utility was the way to go. Hydro-Quebec is such a utility that values affordability and the environment. This agreement to match the wholesale industrial rates is guaranteed to be a personal benefit since I live in Saint John and my power is provided by Saint John Energy a large local wholesale buyer.

Which brings us to…

Part 2: Mayor Ivan Court is trying to see if the city can sell-off Saint John Energy.

What a really terrible idea! Saint John Energy has always been there with its solid purpose of not making a profit and running a lean operation to benefit all (err.. most) Saint Johners. In fact Fredericton, Moncton or any other community should operate their own micro utility. Small Utilities are really good at being responsive to their customers, while generation and distribution is best left to the large utilities. It puts most the risk of people defaulting on payments to their communities and leave a steadier cash flow of the large companies. To end this post I would like to leave with a comparison of how residential rates break down for the three utilities.

Saint John Energy: 8.98 ¢/kWh

NB Power: 9.69 ¢/kWh

Hydro-Quebec: 5.45 – 7.46 ¢/kWh

The Future

Last weekend I received my LSAT score back and it was not what I had expected. It got me thinking about what I really like doing and to a greater extent what I want to do.

Lately I have been obsessed with words of the day on various online dictionaries and one of my favourites Wiktionary had the word “tranquil” on Saturday when I first opened by LSAT score e-mail. It became a matter if irony of that words full definition in relation to the experiences of the weekend.

Wiktionary defines it as “Free from emotional or mental disturbance.” which has firmly been at odds with my passions, in fact I have had to turn down many paths to make this transition fit. Paths that would have led more to the path that destiny seems to have written.
In the class Modern Europe History: Renaissance to the French Revolution one of the main figures in Protestant Reformation is John Calvin. John believes that our salvation or destiny is predetermined to the extent that our actions cannot make a difference and that we can cannot fight nature. Which is interesting with tranquil or brought further tranquility the calm inspired by nature, can further derive that by fighting nature will prove fatal.

It brings us all to finding a balance or equilibrium in our path. Economics also agrees greatly with this matter. When Dr. Young C. Jing started the first class of Intermediate Macroeconomics, it was an example of the Marginal Costs and benefits of going to School at a younger age, which is a surreal example if the way things are at with my life at this moment in time.