Remember the book in the movie “What about Bob?” where the shrink writes that progression should happen in these little “baby steps”. While tomarrow will be another one of those baby steps in my life. I have decided (last week) that after a two and a half year break it is now time to resume University, so tomarrow morning I am going to re-enroll. My plan is to go back part-time for the first year then go full time next year and the year after. Finishing in 2010.

Last time I returned I had just become so over-welmed by returning full time from scratch, so that is why I am taking this approch of starting slowly. Also this time I at least have friends that are offering encouragement and support. And a job that I don’t totally hate and still enjoy going to work every day that I can stay at for 3 more years.

So here is to success in “baby steps”.


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