Year: 2007

And the holidays are done! or are they!

So I haven’t had the opportunity to update this page in a while. It has been really busy lately.

I spent many hours this past month working on the 12 Daytimes of Christmas on Rogers Television. The final two episodes are going to re-air on January 1-4th (11am, 4pm, and 10pm.)

Also another note of something to watch was the locally shot “Sticks and Stones” 8pm AT Jan 1st on CTV.

Now getting onto some of my movies, the pilot episode of the “Badger Hunter” is almost edited for it’s February release date. We are working on it’s website this weekend.

On Boxing Day, I learned that the Toronto Film School is closing which now is gonna change my plans for a October move to Toronto. Tony and I have been looking now at the Toronto Film College but have not heard much about it, also Toronto apartment hunting seems like a daunting monster, even harder than the actual move.

Welcome to White December

I don’t have much time to make this post but doesn’t the ground look nicer when all the imperfections are covered by a soft fluffy white layer of freshly placed snow.

To day before work I’m going to bring an Acer laptop back to The Source because the wireless does not have good reception to my network and that it is impossible to network it properly with only Windows Vista Home Basic on it. Also when you dim the screen so it doesn’t take your eyes out in a dark room it forgets it after several minutes and blinds you. It also does not have easy a find in the dark volume keys.

Otherwise it was an okay laptop.

I guess that is it for now. I’ll post back soon.

It was a Joke.

So, the world is not ending. And to those people that didn’t get that it was a joke I am truly saddened… not really. So I’m writing this from the theater waiting for the movie to start. I just seen Mr. Magoriam (CEFM Rating: 2/5) I rate it as okay but not great. It seamed not to flow and left you waiting for the story to progress. That is it for now.


Kiwanis Auction – 2007

2007 Kiwanis TV Auction
2007 Kiwanis TV Auction

Here is a sampling of the graphics I created for the 2007 Lancaster Kiwanis TV Auction. This is the second time that they let me create new graphics for this show although last time they did not look as good as this one. I went for a Shopping Channel look. Throughout the approval process, they remained mostly unchanged. The original draft had a blue background though.

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I just did the IQ test on Facebook and scored a 134. I think that is pretty darned good, and typical to what I get on most of those on-line IQ tests. I only had 3 out of thirty questions wrong. Probably the ones I had to guess on.

And while we are on the topic of Facebook, I would like to point out how annoying some of those application invites get sometimes. And that vampire one actually sends an IM to you after you have left it and even blocked the application. I usually block many of the applications before I even get invited most of the time. And for my loyal crowd I’m going to give you all a sneak peek (moved to portfolio) at the graphics I have just created for the TV Auction that will air next Sunday @ 1pm on Channel 10. See for more info on it.

WWWeeee….. I’m one of those shoppers.

Okay so I thought that I would post a YouTube video that I think is killer! But on another note on what I just realized I am an “Impulsive A**hole Bargain Shopper”. Today at work I learned that a shipment of “on-sale” Miracle Whip came in and customers were buying lots of it. Knowing how fast it ran out on Saturday I could not help myself but buy the limit of 2 bottles. Now I don’t really eat miracle whip too much, a bottle half the size would last me 2 months, but I could not stop myself (I just couldn’t) I just had to buy it. Knowing full well that it probably would not get eaten, kinda like the soup and Kraft Dinner from 2 months ago that are still in my cupboard uneaten.

I always laughed at those people so it is really depressing to realize I’m one.

Saint Johners I thought you were smart!

I still think that most of you don’t have a brain in your head sometimes. But, we will see. Come the next election I hope that there will be enough good candidate running in every ward so that we don’t end up like Miramichi.

Doesn’t anyone remember why in 1980 the ward 198 years of a ward system was brought to an end? Because the council was too focused on the day-2-day of the city rather than setting policy and advancing the city forward. We were doing that, this is going to be another nail in the coffin of Saint John. This is going to strip away the progress foreseen in the last 4 years.

The next council is more likely than not going to pit one against the other for; who gets a rink, I want my sidewalks plowed. And attention is diverted away from the future and placed on the present.