The conservative national convention next week should be very interesting. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long. I am leaving Saint John on Wednesday and will be returning on Sunday.
I’ve been busy reading all the amendments and there are some I really disagree with but it should be interesting to hear what others think while I am in Montreal.

To finish off I am going to add a letter that I sent around last week about the creation of the Young Conservatives of Canada, which I think with slight amendments in the future should be the best youth program of all the political parties in Canada.

Greetings Fellow Conservatives,

It is difficult to make a decision on this resolution. Clearly option “C” of maintaining the things as they are is not acceptable. It is defiantly very important to have strong youth involvement in the party.

Option “A” of creating a Young Conservatives of Canada seems to be a reasonable proposal and better than option “B”, but has several obvious flaws. The first flaw is that it places the President as a voting member of the National Council, this further diminishes the impact of the provincial elected councilors, and allows an opportunity, although not likely, for someone who is not of voting age to be on the National Council. In addition the age of membership in the Conservative Party of Canada should not be lower than the age of 16.

It also does not promote the communication between campus clubs, and the local EDAs. If option “A” is to be passed it should limit one Young Conservatives of Canada council per electoral district and make an amendment in Electoral District Association constitutions to keep up a spot on the directors for a campus club, starting at the next Annual Meeting, where the place may be filled if an organization does not exist, but does not remove any member as a director until the next annual meeting. If a campus/youth club is formed during the year, they will not hold a directors place until the next general meeting. Also the Campus/Youth organization will be considered a committee of the EDA, to allow for Fundraising, and providing tax receipts under the riding associations.

Charles E. Frees-Melvin
Convention Delegate/Director
Saint John Conservative EDA

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