Year: 2005

Various Branding

After my employment with Johnny’s Coupons ended, CEFM Webgroup (my company) was contracted to do the publication design work for the 2006 Saint John Edition. Here are some coloured logos that I had created for this book. As well there are logos I created for a website I was planning on making but never did, and political logos I have made over the past years.

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2C2C Season 3

During the 2004-2005 season, there was a redesign done of the graphics for Too Close to Call. The logo and the Orange texture were from the Original Designs created by Ashley Duckerin.

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Reminiscing the Past

My 1st Computer Graphic

After two people recently mentioned they went to school with me at Loch Lomond School I decided to crack open the old year books and look for them. It was a shame that I have miss placed my yearbooks from Fundy Shores (1989), Simonds High (1998). and that there wern’t any yearbooks or I didn’t get one; Fundy Shores (1990 or 1991(I left mid-way threw)), St. Rose School (1991), Bayside Jr. High (1996 & 1997).

It always amazes me the number of people who I went to the same school with that I never knew by some how knew be, be it the girls I chased (Colleen and Christy) or my bodyguards, (Ed, Mike and Darren) my nemesis, (Donald) or the people who I bullied of had my head in the sand while kicking repetitively. I even came across my very first computer graphic… it was made on a Commodore 64 Computer (I had typed PC before changing it to computer, as in those days they wern’t PC’s.) It is funny how people thought it was good in 1994 but would laugh now.

If you are any of these people who know me and I don’t know you please sign my guest book, I don’t even know who is still alive (I’m starting to sound like my grandmother now.)

Halifax Rocks!!!

Wow Halifax was awesome, it took eight hours of busses each way but it was sooooooo worth it. My best friend Tony came along and we had a lot of fun.

One of the things that we went to see was the Empire IMAX Theater in Bryers Lake. (And we thought it would be an easy walk from Downtown ) The Movie Aliens of the Deep 3D was very good. It was really like we were there and not in a theater, movies will never be the same again.

After that we finally found our way back downtown and headed to Barrington St. which was dead so we went up 3 streets to Gaffton St. and found Maxwell’s Plum which I thought was a great place to be drinking, but Tony wanted more and went ahead and found Cheer’s where I had such a great time untill 3:30 in the morning when I decided to leave since I had drunk sooo much I could not even stand up.

Any ways I got to go to work so good-bye for now.


While the summer has been very busy for me. After finnishing up at Johnny’s Coupons I am looking for my next big endevour. My friend Tony and I decided that we are going to Toronto in a cuple of weeks which will be very cool.
I’m going to spend some time over the next week or so updating alot of the design on this site. I’m adding a lot of new feature such as DHTML menus. And other new stuff, I am goind to also be redrafting alot of the content on the pages and adding some new writings that I have came across from my High School days. Also I may upload some of my University Papers.

My design portfolio is going to be getting new stuff and I am fixing my photo gallery and uploading 200 Megs of pictures.