Year: 1999

The Case of the Dead Announcer

“Detective Fred sat down on the creaky chair. He had just finished his las case. It turned out that the butler was paid to assassinate Mr. Art.

Fred went to turn the radio on, and the announcer yelled, “It’s 1:03 in the windy city, and your listening to KILL 84.3 FM where the good gigs never…” Then, all of a sudden, Fred heard a gun fire over the radio, and then the thud of a body falling followed by a wicked female laugh and the moans of the dying announcer.

Fred swiftly jumped out of his chair. And while heading out hr door he grabbed his long tan trench coat and dark grey hat from the coat tree by the door. While going through the main lobby his beautiful blonde receptionist approached him and flickered her sparkling blue eyes, handed Fred his gun followed by a long romantic kiss.

Detective Fred arrived at the scene of the crime. There was a trail of bloody footprints leading to the door. And the body of the dead announcer was laying on the floor. It appeared as if he was sitting in his chair when he was shot, then fell on the floor, and then the assassin stripped and stole his clothing showing the killer was a truly demented person.

The Cold

It is very cold
Truly it is really cold

I think it is cold
Sam says it is cold

Vic knew it used to be cold
Eric’s hands are blue because of the cold
Right here it is cold
Yawning in the cold

Cold, Cold, Cold
Old man has twinkling icicles on his rear sitting in the cold outhouse.
Laughing in the cold
Darn it! I have a cold


The Yo-Yo went down
Right to the ground
but didn’t come up
And then I had to help

The Yo-Yo went down
and I gave it a nudge
and it popped back up
on its own.

My life is like a Yo-Yo
Leaving home;
Coming back.
Time after Time.

My emotions are like a Yo-Yo
They go down,
And sometimes they come up,
And if they don’t, I talk to someone.

The sun is like a Yo-Yo
It sets in the west,
rises in the east;
over and over again.