Most Expensive Purchase – My Rebel 2000 SLR

My Canon Rebel 2000 SLR

Name the most expensive personal item you’ve ever purchased.

My Canon Rebel 2000 SLR
My Canon Rebel 2000 SLR

The most expensive personal item that I ever purchased was my Canon Rebel 2000. I would have to say that it was not really worth it. To date I might have used 7-8 rolls of film in it. I just took it off the shelf tonight and the battery was still showing that I have 24 images left on the 24 image roll of film. I’m pretty sure the roll of film is a Black and White as well. Or, really the fake version that ends up sepia. When I turned it on the batteries were dead. This is amazing since it took 2 “L” batteries and the batteries were new when I inserted this roll of film.

The main problem I had been that film is expensive to get developed. Most of the shots were too dark, too light, too narrow a depth of field, or some other issue of not getting to know the camera well. It was within a few months that I also bought my first digital camera after spilling shampoo in my point and shoot film camera.

I have since bought 6 digital cameras bough have yet to replace this SLR.

WWWeeee….. I’m one of those shoppers.

Okay so I thought that I would post a YouTube video that I think is killer! But on another note on what I just realized I am an “Impulsive A**hole Bargain Shopper”. Today at work I learned that a shipment of “on-sale” Miracle Whip came in and customers were buying lots of it. Knowing how fast it ran out on Saturday I could not help myself but buy the limit of 2 bottles. Now I don’t really eat miracle whip too much, a bottle half the size would last me 2 months, but I could not stop myself (I just couldn’t) I just had to buy it. Knowing full well that it probably would not get eaten, kinda like the soup and Kraft Dinner from 2 months ago that are still in my cupboard uneaten.

I always laughed at those people so it is really depressing to realize I’m one.