Just some updates

I’ve worked hard on editing a lot of the content on this site. I’m even just found most of my old university essays, and am going to get around to posting them soon in the writings section. I even have a few pieces of my poetry that I wrote to add here.

As you noticed there have not been many posts with pictures in them, that is because my site is running a RC version of WordPress and that functionality is not quite working for me yet.

You can also see now that these posts are cross posted to Twitter and Facebook. I don’t really like the idea of dividing my audiences so I’m working on further deep integration as we speak.

I now got my Mac :-)

Because I want to make a post but did not have a topic, so I am going to make this post about my new MacBook. I really am now wishing my main computer was a mac but this is really one of the best computers I have used. (Leave comments with your recommendations). I’ve still been looking for places to get free software for it. I’m having issues at the moment networking with my PC but I thing the problem it is because I can’t even network my Windows XP with it ATM.

I’ve also been working on new patches for WordPress 2.5 that is due to come out March 10th. It wasn’t working in IE7 (back-end) so that was also one of the reasons I never made a post lately, that and starting a Full-time job that I haven’t really done since July 2005. It is really tough getting used to a FT job if you’ve been away from it for a while. Although I am glad that now that I have more experience it seems better suited than the last time I have done call-centre work.

Finally, since it is getting late (2:12AM), I am working on re-structuring TheRealBurgers.com and going to start doing real full movie reviews since I tend to disagree with most critics, I thought along with Tony Tompkins, to post these reviews of all the movies I have seen as I see them. I may even port the reviews to my Flixster account, which can be seen through Facebook as well like the RSS feeds of this site as well.

Facebook vs. MySpace

So for the last few weeks I have used Facebook a lot. It is really easier than MySpace, and does more. Like these posts for an example. As I write these I am using by blogging software on my website called WordPress. And it makes XML files for an RSS reader. Now Yahoo360, Windows Live Spaces, and Facebook will get my blog directly from this site, but not MySpace for MySpace I have to copy and paste it. The best thing about MySpace is the videos because I can post those on here but I can’t do a YouTube Video easily.

Also I have found a lot of long-lost acquaintances on Facebook which is really cool. I guess that is it.

Journal Entry Nov 11, 2002

Today was Remembrance Day. This was the first ceremony I have been to in six years. Before that I used to be forced go every year. I first went with scouting about 12 years ago, always froze my hands off carrying the New Brunswick flag at the Jarvis Bay Memorial in East Saint John, and then in 1996 was my last one with Air Cadets.

Journal Entry Nov 4, 2002

Today I am reworking my website the people at Tripod.ca sent out a letter on Halloween that they were going to drop their service. This resulted in a bigger furry than the New Year’s dilemma the plagues all webmasters year after year, the changing of copyright last year to copyright this year. Thus, I had to change the entire site’s internal links from enterprise17.tripod.ca to enterprise17.tripod.com. With the larger size of my site that resulted in over 2,300 changes that took about 5 hours to finish moving. At least now, it’s completed.