My Logitech M-BJ58 2000-2008

I just tried to change the LED in my mouse to a Blue LED. Let’s just say it did not quite go as planned. After putting the LED inplace I plugged it in and worked but as I put the clip back in I somehow chipped the printed circut on top. I was thinking that possibly I could use a small wire and follow the circut down further to the next solder point. I miss my mouse.

I got a new toy.

I am truely wowed!I know the pic has caught your attention, and you are wondering what my new toy is. Well without further ado here it comes… Well maybe now… okay it is the Canon PowerShot S5 IS. This thing is the most amazing piece of technology I have ever owned. I’m sorry MacBook, but can you do panoramas, change colours of items in pictures and HD videos? Okay maybe you can but still the camera is truly cool.

I need a new phone!

Okay so my phone is dying, a very slow death and it is time in my budget to finally get a new one. I’ve been looking for one for that last year it is now been 3 months since my current contract expired. And my battery life is now well under 24 hours. 🙁

Anyways I think I found one that actually does what I need in a phone, e-mail, excel, browse the web, and make phone calls. This one I like because it is easier to type on. The Blackberry Pearl Red.

Also with one of these I could even post to this blog easier than I could with my current phone the Nokia 6620. And I have not been able to find a new battery. The only thing is that I will have to probably wait until September.

The only thing that is not good is that it looks like my very first Cell Phone from back in 2003 the Motorola c333, with the red and silver Roots Face-plate that I had to return in under a week, for an even worse phone the Motorola v66.

I guess that is it for now, seeing that I need to go to work tonight.

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Second Life: Virtually Useless

The tech arena can feel like a cesspool. One recent spam message I received rhymed ‘hag’ with ’shag’; another advertised images of straight guys pleasuring gay guys for cash. Meanwhile, the onslaught of worms and scams never lets up — I could form a museum of virtual garbage.

There Philippines

From the beginnings of time every Therian has wondered if there was intelligent life beyond the Planet There. As it turns out there now is. Earlier this week Michael Wilson announced the launch of in partnership with Groovenet, There Philippines. There Philippines opened this week as an Alpha Release with very controlled testing being done.Â

Many of you readers are curious about what is this new place is like, and to be honest it is identical in look to our There. But the people are very different. We newcomers to the US their service have been taught the ropes on what behavior is well accepted. This is not the case in There Philippines has a totally different social and geographical dynamic. In general with all the members coming from the Philippines there is a lot of conversation taking place in Tagalog and English, the official language of the Philippines. In addition there is a very strong social dynamic that is forming. Everyone is friends in this world. To be quite honest There Philippines is like an Eden to some of the problems that we meet in the everyday life of a Therian.

Since this new there is based out of the Philippines there is a very different economic model then the world we know so that means that this version of there has a different system to handle the purchasing of Tbux. In this version of There you begin by creating an account on from there, there are 3 payment systems currently since this is in Alpha Testing only one is currently available. This site handles all the logging in to the system and the Buy Tbux pages. This has been very effective so far in keeping the There Philippines from becoming over run. From my point of view not being a US resident it is inconvenient at times to exchange money to a US currency, this is part of what makes There Philippines great.

The President of Groovenet, Inc., and avie named Cole hangs out all night with the Philippi Therians in Tiki Cove Plaza there are usually several chat groups formed around there. They tend to mostly like to stay there at this time, but there are several people that like to explore the world and visit the cool There “Landmarks” and love to see over the next ridge. One example in an avie named Faith; we have spent the last week going from Maidenflight in Ootay to the far reaches Astrology Island. The worlds are so totally identical right down to the infamous terrain spit on Mt. NeNe.

So until next week, Ako po ay taos-pusong nagpapasalamat.

My Guide to Gratuties

  1. Never Tip for meals less than $20 after taxes.
  2. Tip 5% if your appetizer comes before you finish you first drink.
  3. Tip 5% if they got your meal right.
  4. Tip 5% if you waited less than 3 minutes after you main course to be asked if you would like some coffee, the dessert, or your bill.

These are my standard rules for restaurants for taxi cabs I only tip if the cabbie takes a direct route on a meter.

My Toshiba PocketPC 2003-2004

My Toshiba has bit the dust today half the screen died. Now I’m trying to decide what to replace it with visit my blog if you have any suggestions, please post them here in the blog.