All about Melanie

You would think that it calling Rogers and talking to the voice automation is bad. Then you have never had the pleasure of meeting, Melanie, the inbred country cousin that guards the pay-as-you-go phone line. This computer does not even recognize the common commands that you can use with other auto-gatekeepers. And what is worse is that every Rogers call centre rat is trained to sick Melanie on you.

Why can Rogers use the same system as every other service for Pay-as-you-go. At least that person has half a brain to understand what you want, and not listing everything.

Ahhh! the 80’s

I just saw the Movie “Scary Movie 4? tonight and as the wiped emerges from the depths of the ground as in parody to War of the Worlds. There is a tune that plays first that I thought sounded like “I’ma I’ma I’ma I’ma I’ma Chameleon” which I tried for ever to find and then I found a cool website Am I Right ( that had that expression in a different song but I found it in the 80’s Section the song was really Culture Club’s, “Karma Chameleon”

Then I took the unfortunate decision to try their other songs. What were they thinking like the mid to latter 80’s was not that bad but the early 80’s Ahhh! It is almost as bad as Disco, It sort of sounds in between Disco and the stuff of the later 80’s but anyways not my cup of tea.

I took lots of pics today while I was taking a stroll uptown they are in my Gallery section of this site.

Merry Holiday Day!

As the year winds down I would like to thank you for reading my site there has been many changes for me over the past year. Not to mention this site moving 4 TIMES!!! since this time last year. Hopefully this will remain my home for years. It is paid for till November 2004 anyways. Enjoy your December 25th it only comes once a year!