Better Policy Needed to Deal with Bus Congestion

I have a concern I’ve noticed happening more often on buses over the past month or so. This effect is predominantly happening on the Hospital / UNB and East / West Routes.

As the buses are approaching capacity there are normally about three to seven seats left in the rear of the bus, however many UNBSJ students will notice only that there are no seats in the front of the bus and will stand half-way between the front and rear doors, causing a backlog of people standing.

I would suggest that the Transit Commission make it policy that all standers must stand in the back of the bus to make it more clear that there are free seats remaining. In addition I would ask that you contact the University to send out an e-mail to students advising them of this.

Journal Entry Nov 18, 2002

This was my first day reading the news on CHSR at noon. I made a whole bunch of mistakes. My biggest problem is that I don’t talk very clear.

Journal Entry Nov 12, 2002

Trying to make sense out of studies on the topic of the Economic Effects of Drunk Driving is starting to make my head spin as I try to make sence of the formulas that some economist must have thought up as he had nothing better to do. One of these formulas are to determine the effectiveness of regulations on drunk driving, R=ƒ(Q,P(S), P(A|S), P(C|A), E(SV|C), E(SV|NC), N, SA, T)

Journal Entry Nov 10, 2002

This past Thursday I was elected News Director of CHSR. This is kind of shock since I have no idea on how to run a news department.

Journal Entry Nov 9, 2002

The Saint John Kiwanis Club held their TV Auction today. The highlight of the auction was the visit by the local Member of Parliament Elsie Wayne. She auctioned off a Christmas Frame and a Decorative Snowman.

Journal Entry Nov 8, 2002

Today was my mother’s birthday, on which I thought five years, was long enough to pretend to forget it by not sending a card or even calling her.

Journal Entry Nov 7, 2002

Tap Tap Tap, the sounds of little pink fingers tapping on computer keyboards fill the air, as I am in the process of finalizing my news story that is due in measly eighty-five minutes. After a few minutes, it will just become a disconcerting background sound like a buzz from a fluorescent light, or the fans of an air exchange system.

Journal Entry Nov 5, 2002

The beautiful white snow is setting softly on the ground. As the first significant snowfall bestows upon us for another year, the gentle little flakes are gliding effortlessly through the air, occasionally moved along by the light winds in the courtyard. The people are stumbling around some not sure, whether or not their next step will be one where their foot hits possible hidden ice beneath the snow.