Santa Claus Parade – 2003

In November 2003 I had created the following graphics for the Saint John Santa Claus Parade. Due to their success they were also used with an adapted logo for the Fredericton version of the Parade. Unfortunately the Fredericton version of the logo has been lost. It looked just like the Saint John version. The two reindeer were named Fred and Larry, There was a 3rd one Phil but the third one was never used on-air.

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Where have I been?

I have left all my blogger fans in the dark for 26 days now and it is now time to update you on what has gone on.

1st- After months of complaining on October 21st I received the call that I had been offered a job at Client Logic, and for the past 3.5 weeks I have worked there and loving it.

2nd- I’ve been working on the Intro for the Saint John Santa Claus Parade, which turned out to be a big success. I am working on adding a section to my site to show off some of my Photo Shop stuff. It will be flash intensive and will be launched in early 2004. Other plans for this site is to bring back the calendar, and finally get a domain name.

3rd-I’ve been sick all the first half of November.

4th- I’m sorry I have not added anything to my novel, I will add some more this year.

I’ll blog again soon
Charles “TheEnterprise17” Frees-Melvin

Little biters

Shew mutt!!!

This morning I was bitten but a little blank dog, that lives up the street. This dog truly was an ankle bitter as he bit me in the ankle.

Today I paid off my New Brunswick Student Loan that is a $2662 of debt I no longer have to worry about.

What’s UP!!!

Hello all,

I’ve just had dinner at my mothers, and am ready to take on this new week. I am determined that by the end of this week I will finally have a job.

And as asked for I will have an update on my novel by the end of the week. I’ve had several requests about what happens to Roger and as soon as I figure it out I will add about 1000 new words to my novel.

Have a great week!

What’s up!!!

While this week has been very interesting. I’ve actually left Saint John twice this past week. On Tuesday, I went to Fredericton and on Wednesday I went to Moncton, both days to help shoot promos for the upcoming season on Rogers Television. I’ve also had two rolls of film developed recently, some of the pictures have turned out fairly well. I’ve also got a set of digital pictures as well. I’ll be formatting them and posting them as 3 new photo albums on my website. I’m going to use html format and not the flash because I found a program that makes them automatically and is a lot easier.

I’ve also was doing TV Bingo this past week, it is great to have it back. Especially since Jeff and Tony are the best.

This week I’m going to continue some job hunting on Monday and Tuesday. And on Monday at 11:15 I have an appointment to have photos taken at the Sears Portrait Studio.