The Tale of Two Frozen Bananas

The Two Frozen Bananas
The Two Frozen Bananas

This past week I was reading a new post on my friend Andrea’s blog. Where she posted about making a dairy free ice cream substitute by pureeing some Bananas. I thought to myself that sounds good especially with the peanut butter they suggest. I also have a can of coconut milk that has sat in the pantry for a while now. In hindsight it now occurs to me that I never read the directions properly, or at all, as I seem to missed an important step. I bought the bananas last night and took two and put them in the freezer. Now what I am stuck with is two perfectly frozen bananas. I missed the part about peeling and slicing before freezing them solid.

Fitness and Personality Watchmen

I’m going to start today’s post with the fact that I have joined a gym. My friend Andrea finally convinced me to join Nubody’s. I bought the membership on Thursday and finally went yesterday. Despite feeling a little sore and tired today, I actually feel better. Despite the fact that I have a lot of weight that I should lose, I am actually quite hesitant to set goals/benchmarks at this point. It has been since 2002 since I last regularly worked-out in a gym. The most exercise I have done recently is walking to work from missing the bus. Which according to Google Maps is 3.4 km which should take Continue reading “Fitness and Personality Watchmen”

WWWeeee….. I’m one of those shoppers.

Okay so I thought that I would post a YouTube video that I think is killer! But on another note on what I just realized I am an “Impulsive A**hole Bargain Shopper”. Today at work I learned that a shipment of “on-sale” Miracle Whip came in and customers were buying lots of it. Knowing how fast it ran out on Saturday I could not help myself but buy the limit of 2 bottles. Now I don’t really eat miracle whip too much, a bottle half the size would last me 2 months, but I could not stop myself (I just couldn’t) I just had to buy it. Knowing full well that it probably would not get eaten, kinda like the soup and Kraft Dinner from 2 months ago that are still in my cupboard uneaten.

I always laughed at those people so it is really depressing to realize I’m one.

The Trails of Champlain Heights

Today in the mail I received another advertisement from another Real Estate agent that is trying to promote themselves by creating a community web page for the Champlain Heights/Eastwood Area at

Now that website got me thinking the the two neighbourhoods are only separated by a small woods with a set of trails, some better than others so I went to Google Earth and grabbed a satellite shot of the area. Luckily I’m in a part of Saint John that actually has better resolution than most of the central area of Saint John. Then in Photoshop I added all the trails in green, yellow, orange, and red based on their pass-ability.