Crushed Beautifully 2

I’m planning on making a Part 2 of my video “Crushed Beautifully” everybody send me close-up or macro photos of something crushed in an artistic setting. Everyone will get credited if they want. Send the pics to

2 Replies to “Crushed Beautifully 2”

  1. Ok, so I don't even know you, but the min or so it took me to look at your video was a min taken away from my life! I don't think you should post a part two. Just stick to your day job… whatever that is…

  2. Your video was sad seriously did you use power point to make it or Imovie. Its pitifull I am sorry still images don't qualifile as film. Oh i forgot was it posibly Movie maker. Get a crew all made by you seriously you think you have a production company sorry. Aparently your some sort of graphics artist. Well if you used something more powerfull to make this you deffinatly didn't need to its so simple and just you in a mall. The sequal would kill me, goodluck in the future hope you cna turn. all the way around.