Night on the Town

Tonight I went to town to see Shaydid ( at O’Leary’s Pub. ( They were pretty good.

Before that I went for supper at the Church Street Steakhouse. ( I had no clue that their food was so good. I am going to have to go back and try more of their menu.

There was this weird guy though that kept calling me Peter all night though. I think that I am going to have to go out more often.

My cell phone received a virus again and it really messed up my programs that I had installed. I have those cell phone viruses because it is hard to rid yourself of them as there are not any free anti-virus programs available for my model of phone.

I’m trying to think of more to put here as I don’t seem to post as often as I would hope. I make tons of forum posts but I keep neglecting this blog even though this blog has tons of visitors. Trust me I know how often each of you check my blog.

I have just noticed that the blog has been offline for a little while on my site. Some weird PHP problem probably from my last CMS change. If you have a RSS reader you can get a feed of this blog, ( also you can read my blog from my brand spanking new Yahoo 360 site.(

Anyways I guess that is it for tonight.